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Alumini – Bodan Drca

Alumini – Bodan Drca


1 – What was your journey with 7 Elite Academy?

I played for the 04 Boys SABA team. About once a month we would fly out of Utah and play in some of the top 10 showcases around the country, with some local tournaments as well, (Presidents Cup and Regionals, as well as the 7 Elite Tournament.)

2 – How did 7 Elite Academy help you in terms of developing your skills in soccer and elsewhere in your life?

The coaches at 7 Elite Academy have very good experience and backgrounds from multiple different nationalities, so in training we got many different outlooks on the ways we played and advice from very qualified coaches in very specific areas/detail. We were held to a very high standard of accountability and professionality when we traveled, and it helped me that way in day to day life.

3 – What have you been doing since leaving 7 Elite Academy and what are your plans moving forwards?

After graduating from the SABA program, I spent 9 months in Liverpool England, playing with Steven Gerrard Academy. Now that I am home, I will be pursuing a coaching career with 7 Elite Academy, as a coach and as a goalkeeper coach. I will be doing my own goalkeeper camps as well, helping young kids fall in love with the game and the position. By the beginning of 2025, I am hoping to be on a USL roster to continue playing.

4 – What would you say to someone thinking of joining 7 Elite Academy at tryouts?

To give it a shot and to give it 100% effort. My time at 7 Elite Academy created many lifelong friends and memories. The coaches are very good at what they do, and as you grow older the opportunities that we provide are amazing and the possibilities are endless in whatever you or your child choose to do after high school.