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The Mission

To provide a world-class youth football coaching program to all our athletes, helping to nurture and shape them to become successful individuals within football and equally importantly, in life.

The Vision

To become the world’s leading youth football academy. And to get there by developing young players’ love of the game using our world class coaching program to make them successful athletes and, most importantly, leaders of the future.

Our Ethics

Our ETHICS are hugely important to how we operate as a youth football organisation. They guide our activities, both within football and within our communities. They are:



We strive for excellence on and off the pitch and always aim to fulfill our potential.



We show determination and persistence even in tough situations.



We represent ourselves and 7 Elite Academy with honor by knowing and doing what is morally right.



We come up with new ideas and solutions to overcome challenges.



We always consider our community and how we can add value to it.



We are prepared to make necessary sacrifices in order to achieve our goals.