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Financial Aid Info


The deadline for submitting financial aid forms for the 2024-2025 season is June 16, 2024. The financial aid committee will review all applications and award letters will be sent out starting June 24th with a discount code to use during team specific registration with 7 Elite Academy on 360Player.

All financial aid recipients must complete 7 Elite Academy team specific registration on 360Player by June 30th, 2024. 


Here at 7 Elite Academy, we are interested in developing players to their full potential.  We know that there are rare situations where players need some assistance to participate with The Academy, and as such, we have created and support a financial aid program to assist those most in need. The Academy does not offer “FULL” scholarships, as we believe everyone must contribute to their own development.

The process for the scholarship program is as follows:

1 – Register your player with Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA). You will be required to submit your UYSA receipt with your financial aid application. To register with UYSA, follow the direction in your offer letter, and be sure to use your individual “Team Assignment Code” to be placed on the official roster.  If you did not receive an offer letter, please contact your coach for the UYSA registration website and “Team Assignment Code.”

New players will need to submit a digital copy of their birth certificate. Please send to your coach.

2 – Download the Financial Aid Application document, link found below as well as the Financial Aid Acceptance Letter.

3 – Fill in the required information and a brief statement of why the financial aid is being requested.  You will be required to submit your most recent tax return or copies of your W2s for ALL income/jobs with your application.

4 – Send the completed Financial Aid Application form, UYSA registration receipt, your tax return/W2s, and the financial aid acceptance form to [email protected]

5 – All financial aid applications must be turned in no later than June 16th, 2024 for those joining the 2024/2025 Seasonal Year.

6 – The management committee will review all requests and make decisions relative to the level of support that will be offered.  The team coach and local leadership will be consulted during the review process to help ascertain need.

7 – Players and families will be advised of the committee decision no later than June 25th, 2024. You will be sent a form to sign acknowledging your award and the conditions of the award. The signed form MUST be sent back before you receive your discount code for registration.

8 – Awarded amounts will be reflected in a discount code families will use at the time of registration.  The code will be valid until 11:59pm on June 30th at which time registration must be completed.  Codes then become invalid and registration closes for the 2024/2025 seasonal year.

9 – Those granted financial aide MUST participate in ALL Academy and Team Level Fundraising efforts and assist with other events, such as tournaments, camps, etc.

10 – All financial aid monies MUST be paid back in full if player does not complete the 2024/2025 seasonal year with The Academy, including transfers and drops.

****The Academy does not grant full aid, per our policy and that of UYSA.  Additionally, we subscribe that everyone should contribute to their own development.

If there are questions regarding the process, please contact us at [email protected]