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Give your college prospects a boost at tryouts

Give your college prospects a boost at tryouts


7 Elite Academy is looking for youngsters to play soccer in Europe and launch their colleges careers early by joining its unique development program at tryouts, starting next week.

The international youth soccer academy, which runs teams for thousands of players in the United States, United Kingdom and Africa, will run tryouts for prospective new players across Utah.

Tryout sessions get under way in St George and Washington on May 13-16, before continuing in Salt Lake City, Davis/Weber County and Utah County from May 20-31. 

Players offered a place at 7 Elite Academy can expect intense weekly training development sessions with USSF, UEFA and FA qualified staff, run under the organisation’s global training program.

They will also receive a dedicated college application plan, including regular meetings with college recruiters and scouts, alongside opportunities to join professional partner academies in Europe.

Anthony Godfrey, 7 Elite Academy Director, said: “We have refined our Player Pathway over the years to create what we believe is one of the premier programs for development in youth soccer.

“Not only do we have a coaching process that employs some of the finest staff in the region, but we instil in players the requirement to be professional and hard working in all areas of their lives.

‘The extends to our dedicated program for refining college applications, so every young person has the opportunity to their soccer career through further education.

“Our links with professional academies in the UK have already seen players take up places with Steven Gerrard Academy in Liverpool, alongside other universities in Europe.”

Hundreds of youngsters have already benefited from the 7 Elite Academy development program, both in the USA and abroad, with countless more going on to full employment in sports coaching.

Anthony added: “The players we have in both St George and Salt Lake City are hugely dedicated to their development, both in terms of soccer and future college applications.

“The 7 Elite Academy program is a great opportunity for us to create even more opportunities for our youngsters and maximise their chances of securing a college place of their choice.

“We have seen many, many youngsters graduate from our program and thrive in their educational and sporting lives. This will grow even further with the expansion of the our program in St George and Salt Lake City.

“It is a very exciting time for young people to join us.”