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Alumni – Sawyer Heaton

Alumni – Sawyer Heaton


1 – What was your journey with 7 Elite Academy?

I joined 7 Elite Academy when Stuart Dewey recruited me to his 2001 team around 2017, I believe. In a way we created an all-star team with all the best talent in St. George. We immediately became successful and won a lot of local tournaments and dominated the league in St. George. In 2018 we won the Presidents Cup Nationals and continued to win different tournaments until we graduated from high school. We would always make good runs in State Cup and other big tournaments.

2 – How did 7 Elite Academy help you in terms of developing your skills in soccer and elsewhere in your life?

The consistency of training and being surrounded by the best players around made me have to step up and develop my skills. For me, the competition in training is what pushed me to become the player I am today. The relationships I made at 7 Elite Academy with my coaches and teammates are still relevant in my life and being the captain of my team allowed me to improve my leadership skills and people skills in other aspects of my life. I learned that without hard work nothing will come. This is another attribute that I have used in all areas of my life.

3 – What have you been doing since leaving 7 Elite Academy and what are your plans moving forwards?

After I left 7 Elite Academy in 2020, I served a full-time mission in Ghana for two years for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I then was recruited to play for SLCC where I had a breakout season in 2023 leading my team in goals. I was blessed to receive Region 18 MVP and won our Conference Championship, Region Championship, and played in the NJCAA National Final 4. I received D1 offers and decided to come home to play for Utah Tech University. I’ll be playing for them in their 2024 Fall season while studying Engineering. I also will be getting married this June!

4 – What would you say to someone thinking of joining 7 Elite Academy at tryouts?

I would say to be all in! My current college coach would always tell me to water the grass where you’re standing. I believe in that. And I think that’s why I have had success in my past environments. I decided to be “all in” when joining 7 Elite Academy, and it’s played a huge role in getting me where I am today.