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UHSAA / UYSA Partnership


A ground-breaking new deal has been struck allowing Utah’s young soccer players to represent both their academy or club team, and their high school during the high school season.

The momentous agreement, reached between Utah Youth Soccer Association (UYSA) and the Utah High School Activities Association (UHSAA), was facilitated by 7 Elite Academy and represents a huge step forward in opening up development pathways for the state’s best players.

This breakthrough means that young soccer players will no longer need to choose between playing with their friends in high school or joining elite level club teams, such as 7 Elite Academy.

This arrangement does not apply to everyone by default and there is a strict application process to a partnership committee, which will be reviewed (details below). The requirements for clubs to join the partnership program must be closely followed.


The new partnership creates a committee that reviews and authorizes, under the guidelines/policy/bylaws, for a player’s participation during the high school season in up to 2 college showcases/tournaments/events (Including ODP) not sponsored by his/her school where next-level (college/professional) opportunities exist if certain conditions are met.  Those conditions include:

The outside “club” team is attending an event/tournament/showcase approved by the “Committee” (events are approved after verification of their ability to provide next-level opportunities – such as college recruiter/coach attendance at such events).

Written notification signed by player and guardian has been given a minimum of 30 days before the event/tournament/showcase to the high school and UHSAA

Missed academic lessons must be completed

UYSA and UHSAA recognize the high talent level of Utah youth and the many opportunities available that will allow our state to become recognized as a high value recruiting ground for next level opportunities.

This partnership furthers this cause. Emphasis will still be placed on high school soccer during the high school season, and players will be expected to abide by all rules governing their participation on the high school level, including academic and team policies. Players will continue to be expected to attend all high school practices and games.

UHSAA and UYSA recognize the value that competition soccer provides Utah youth in providing a means whereby players can develop and be given opportunities to showcase their talent in front of those granting next-level opportunities.

While players will continue to be expected to give priority and commitment to their high school during the high school season, this partnership is a hand in hand cooperation between UHSAA and UYSA in providing for these next-level opportunities.

UYSA member organizations (Clubs) will be expected to meet certain minimum requirements and submit an application before their consideration in participating in this partnership.

More information on how UYSA member organizations (clubs) can qualify are found at the information page at UYSA/UHSAA website.

We expect minimal impact on high school teams and coaches. As stated previously, players will continue to attend practices and games for their high school during the high school season.

UHSAA and UYSA have put policies in place and are committed to working together to help facilitate the best opportunities for Utah youth, and each recognizes the value and importance in each in providing for the development, both on and off the field, of our most valuable resource, our youth.

Players will be expected to work with coaches from both arenas in minimizing these impacts. Wonderful opportunities and memories can be made when we work together to provide the best opportunities for our children.

Club’s must submit an application for participation to the UHSAA/UYSA Partnership Committee.  The application will outline requirements for participation which must be met.  These include Technical, Staff, and Club/Academy requirements.

For information on the application, and process for consideration, can be found at the info page at the UHSAA and UYSA websites.

An Approvals Committee has been formed to manage applications from soccer academies and clubs wanting to have teams and/or players eligible to participate in the partnership between UHSAA and UYSA. This partnership can permit players from High School soccer teams to compete with academy or club teams during the High School season.

Academies or clubs wanting to participate in the partnership program must ensure they meet basic criteria.

The committee meets at least twice a year to review applications, although ‘urgent’ applications will be dealt with as needed by the committee.

The application criteria includes a number of technical, staff and academy/club requirements, as detailed in the documents below.